๐ŸคฉMeet The Team!

An quick introduction to the BeU team. We dream, dance, and drink together to produce BeU.

ST (Sanz Teoh)

Founder, Marketing Lead & Partnerships

Know about Bitcoin (BTC) when it was at $4 each. Did nothing.

The next thing I know, Bitcoin is at $6,000 each.

When I'm not talking about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, I help businesses to thrive with my branding and marketing expertise.

WH (Wei Hoong)

Lead Concept Artist, Creative Designer

My favorite cookie is Tiger biscuit. People used to judge me that, then I created the BeU.

When I'm not creating or eating Tiger biscuit, I spend my time gaming and trading.

ZV (Zia Ven)

Creative Designer

I talk 3D, animation, and unique characters design. My favorite character is Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets.

When I'm not modeling 3D characters, I enjoy my time doing handcrafts, and I'm fairly great at it.

RN (Ronan)

Creative Designer

They call me the "Aesthetic Guy" because I just love everything that looks good.

Show me a bad design and I'll vomit on the spot.

When I'm not working on my next aesthetically pleasing project, I nurture and talk to my plants.

YY (Yu Ying)

Creative Designer


Pardon my Japanese, but I basically eat, wear, read and sleep Japanese.

Can't really wake up without a sip of green tea and my favorite takoyaki.

When I'm not designing or speaking Japanese, I shoot photos on the street, especially in Japan.

NS (Nizar Syahmi)


What is sleep? Ever since I dive into the world of programming, sleep has left me behind.

I'm easily distracted, that's why I switch from task to task every 20 minutes to keep myself interested.

When I'm not doing coding, I'm still doing coding.

YN (Yun Ni)


Here check out this new Boba tea in town...oh wait, this is an introduction section?

So, I drink Boba tea more than water in a daily basis, and I don't even have diabetes (it rhymes).

When I'm not drinking Boba milk tea, I'm busy coding the next Boba website...I mean BeU website and stuffs.

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