🌏What is BeUTOPIA

A world without judgment.

BeUTOPIA is where BeU lives, it is the place where everyone can be their most comfortable self.

Right! There’s one thing about Beutopia, they keep their real-life identity anonymous so it really doesn’t matter if one’s a millionaire or a total loser in reality. Well, everything is possible in Beutopia, you can do anything, go anywhere. You can take a sunbath right on Mercury because it’s the closest planet to the sun. You can walk around with a woofer speaker and turn any place into a club. You can ride on a T-Rex because why not?

The world of BeUTOPIA will be created when we've sold all 10,000 BeU NFTs.

Similar to the popular game The Sims, you'll get to control your own BeU in the world of BeUTOPIA.

It's a virtual world where you get to meet and play with other BeU owners, hang out, play mini games together, and more!

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