One-two-three, steps by steps.

During our sale, as we reach certain milestones, we have various initiatives that we will run to reward our initial buyers and get the project in front of more eyes.

20% sold

We pay back our operation costs, and donate 10% of the proceeds to a charity foundation which will be decided by the community!

40% sold

An Augmented Reality filter on Instagram and Facebook will be created, featuring some of the rarest BeU to promote the popularity of BeU and the world of BeUTOPIA!

60% sold

An exclusive line of BeU merchandise will be released. Exclusive and Limited Edition Hats, T-Shirts, Hoodies, and more will be created and made available for owners only.

80% sold

We are going to 3D print life-size figures of BeU and choose 30 random owners and send them their 3D printed figurine!

100% sold

🌎 BeUTOPIA world will be created, and every owner will get access to BeUTOPIA. Meet other owners virtually in the world of BeUTOPIA!

💰 We'll start planning and developing our very own $TOKEN.

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